Camera Integration

Our system is compatible with a wide range of video cameras that can meet your budget. Watch live feeds from any Android device or from any web browser!

Streaming video offers a piece of mind when you can't be home. Want to see who is at the front door? Or what your kids are playing in the back yard? Our system works with the mobile app TinyCam and TinyCam Pro for watching from anywhere in the world!

You can configure your system to record a constant feed from all of your cameras, so you can have a visual record if something happens at your house. Or, just hit "record" on your smartphone and record the video directly to your device!

Voltsec Integration

So how does your Voltsec system integrate with compatible IP security cameras?

You can configure up to 5 snapshots at different intervals when a sensor is tripped. Those snapshots will be sent to your phone or email so not only can you be alerted to your system sensors while you are away, but also see what caused the sensor to trip!

What cameras do we support?

We recommend Amcrest or Dahua IP cameras. They have been tested and work very well with our Voltsec system, and offer a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor options.

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